Yoga Offerings

Muriel’s yoga classes are highly informative as she draws upon her education, using detailed alignment and therapeutically applied anatomy in relation to yoga asana in a lighthearted, soulful, slow style with strength and spirit.

Muriel teaches using Iyengar alignment principles, Hatha, Vinyasa, Self Awakening (Feldenkrais inspired movements) Qigong and Yoga Nidra. These practices are combined to leave you feeling relaxed, strengthened and nurtured through the intelligence of your own body.

She holds an E-RYT 500 Yoga Educator with Yoga Alliance with 15 years of teaching experience and 25 years as a Bodywork/Massage Practitioner. She loves teaching and it shows!

Self Awakening Yoga Instructions

Her approach is non authoritarian, as each individual has their own inner guidance system called, "does this feel right for my body?" During the session, your bodies intelligence has an incredible ability to follow this innate wisdom. Muriel attentively reads your body's movements and helps you to develop a safe and enhancing sequence to build strength, stamina and flexibility, while cultivating a sense of graceful peace and well being.

Peaceful Awareness Yoga: This practice integrates,  all that I have been taught by my teachers over the past 20+ years. It aligns, relaxes and rejuvenates your unique body, mind and spirit, cultivating optimal health, vitality, peacefulness, relaxation and radiance! You'll feel equipped with the tools to nurture, cultivate, honor and celebrate your unique self. Peaceful Awareness Yoga is an invitation to reprogram your bodies response to stress and an embodied experience where individuals recognize this magnificent gift of life. 

What to expect while you’re on the mat?  An infusion Classical alignment Iyengar based Hatha Yoga, Self Awakening, (a Feldenkrais inspired movement), Restorative and Yoga Nidra which helps reset and calm the nervous system.

Some of the Subtle Body Effects:  Muriel’s sequences include mindfulness meditation techniques, dharma weaving and applied anatomy to inform you as to why each part of these meditations and movements are useful in our daily life.

All is delivered in the light hearted way she poetically lifts the heart with her humor and cultivates a safe space to remember we all simply living a life here together.    

 Muriel cultivates each part of the session so the concept of safety first, is always applied. Various props are used to maximize opening and awareness throughout the body and stimulate the breath and circulate blood flow to the organs. Asanas (postures/poses) sequences are individualized to the meet specific needs during your session. 

Self Awakening Yoga is a series of movement inquiries that unwind and release holding patterns and muscles tensions that may have built up over time due to repeated strain injuries, surgeries or structural issues. These inquiries are fun and innovative movements that encourage an authentic exploration into the bodies inner landscape, discovering and cultivating new patterns of movement. 

The Restorative yoga practice is a nurturing and completely relaxing  while using various yoga props to set up conditions for calming the nervous system. This practice is simply the art of letting go, and doing nothing in the pose. Most restorative poses are done while reclining on the ground, over a bolster or two. 

In home Private Session Rate: 

$125 per hour in my home studio/video session or $150 per hour for house calls with a minimum 2 hours for house call =$300

10 session package: $1150.00 or 5 session package: $575

Corporate or Group Rate: $200 per hour