Personalized Bodywork & Yoga Instruction

Muriel Murphy offers individual yoga instruction and intensive, personalized bodywork sessions designed to activate healing potential and maintain wellness in the whole person.

Bodywork Sessions are in tune with the physical and emotional body, integrating interactive deep tissue, neuromuscular reprogramming and interactive release of muscle tissue.

Personalized Yoga programs are designed specifically for your needs. Whether you are rehabilitating an injury, have a desire to increase mobility, or simply wish to strengthen and tone the body as a whole, Muriel will craft a regime tailored to you. If yoga is something youve wanted to explore, but have felt uncomfortable in a large class situation, personalized sessions provide an alternative environment for learning. Discover how yoga can go beyond the mere physical aspect, creating a sense of joy and freedom overall.

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“When the body and mind harmonize, we feel truly healthy and our spirit recognizes a deep sense of joy. Yoga and bodywork, along with other lifestyle choices, are a route to this happiness.”

— Muriel Murphy